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Contact Us

Open House Roma is promoted and organised by Open City Roma, with the partnership of Open House World Wide.

Open City Roma was launched in 2010 as a non-profit organisation. Open City Roma currently counts on a diverse and strong group of young supporters with different backgrounds and skills.

Mainly operating in Rome, the organisation carries out research activities in the areas connecting with urban sustainable development, which in turn become projects which:  

- create joint cultural platforms

- promote and support participation in community life

- promote bottom-up approaches in order to foster urban development

- seek simplification strategies for the benefit of the community

- make technology available and accessible to the general public, as a tool for improving the quality of life 

- experiment with new ways to transform life in the city, following the Smart City principles and using ICT to build inclusive models for community participation


Project Managers:  Davide  Paterna and Alessia Vitali - Program Coordinators: Laura Calderoni – Director of Volunteers: Elisa Janani - Sustainability: Paola Frontoni

PR & Advertising: Giovanna Mirabella and Laura Vecchio 

Media Strategist: Raffaele Boiano – Graphic Designer: Elisabetta Pallone - Web Architect: Fausto Napolitano - Legal and Tax Consulor: Enrico Lupo

Event created by: Leonardo Mayol and Davide Paterna

The following people worked with us for the past editions: Paola Ricciardi, Sabine Kuhne, Giorgio Pasqualini, Diego Pierini, Giacomo Maraghini Garrone, Vittoria Bichi Ruspoli, Lucia Orecchini, Fabio De Carolis, Miriam Cowley, Francesco Frioli, Francesca Sarno, Adriano Dominici, Roberto Randine , Architecture in the city (Alessandra Zucconi, Luis do Rosario)

Open House Roma – Associazione Culturale Open City Roma

Via Giacomo Peroni 452, 00131 Roma, Italy

Phone: (+39) 06 4556 3543


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